Semalt Speaks About WebHarvy, One Of The Best Free Web Scrappers

The internet has loads of data scraping programs. Some of these tools are suitable for non-technical users, freelancers, and educationists, while the others are the prior choice of enterprises, big brands, and businesses. WebHarvy is a relatively new data scraping software that can automatically extract information from images, emails, texts, and URLs. This freeware saves your time on data extraction and provides the content in different formats. WebHarvy is easy to use tool that starts scraping within seconds. It extracts data from different web pages based on your keywords and saves it in user-friendly and readable formats. Some of its most interesting options are mentioned below:

1. Point and Click Interface

Being a visual web scraper, WebHarvy has a point and click interface so that you don't need to write scripts and codes while scraping your data. Plus, you can use its built-in browser to navigate different web pages and select the information to be scraped with a mouse click. WebHarvy is one of those very few data scraping tools that promise quality results and don't cost you anything.

2. Scrape from Multiple Web Pages

Using WebHarvy, you can easily scrape data from different web pages such as product listings, online stores, email addresses, news sites, travel portals, etc. This tool, not only extracts data but also makes it easy for you to crawl your website and improve its ranking in the search engine results.

3. Category Scraping

With WebHarvy, you can now scrape information from the list of links which could lead to similar pages or listings of a site. In other words, we can say that you can use WebHarvy to extract data from category-based sites like Amazon and eBay without compromising on quality. Furthermore, this easy to configure tool divides your scraped data into different sub-categories.

4. Download Images

Extracting data from images is one of the major problems we face these days. With WebHarvy, you can download images once they are fully or partially scraped to your hard drive. This tool will automatically scrape images displayed on different web pages and e-commerce sites.

5. Auto Pattern Detection

This tool is different from other ordinary data scraping programs because WebHarvy can automatically identify the patterns of data occurring on different web pages. It means you don't need to scrape data individually from pricing sites and email addresses. That is because WebHarvy will configure everything for you and automatically identify categories and patterns of the data scraped.

6. Keyword-based Scraping

Unlike other ordinary scraping services, WebHarvy performs keyword based scraping for its user. It means if you want to extract information from web pages based on their keywords, you can adjust the WebHarvy settings and let the tool to perform its function. Data will be extracted from websites without disturbing your keywords, and it is always error-free.

7. Regular Expressions

It's safe to say that WebHarvy is a good alternative to Kimono Labs and This freeware lets you apply the regular expressions on both text and HTML sources and scrapes data for you without compromising on quality.